09 July 2010

The Cathedral

Anybody who knows me or has read this blog for a little while knows how much I love big cathedrals. So one of the highlights of our recently concluded summer vacation was my time practicing on the organ at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. This was my second time playing there and it was even better than the first.

My focus on the kids and on enjoying our vacation time put me on blogging hiatus for the last little while, but I'll catch up soon with a summary and some of the best pics. Meanwhile, I wanted to share my experience at the cathedral with everyone. The video below is me playing Bach on the National Cathedral organ, and most of the pictures are mine as well. I hope this will give you a little taste of why I find such places so inspiring.


Tim Trent said...

When I first looked at the pictures the cathedral reminded me of so many cathedrals in England. I had to check the date yours was built. It's timeless.

These are glorious buildings and Back somehow fills them perfectly. My laptop's sound quality hasn't let me really hear your performance I'm afraid.

Beck said...

I love cathedrals as well. I love the National Cathedral, though it's a bit too perfect and new (relatively speaking), yet awe-inspiring nonetheless. I am in awe of the architecture and detail, the use of light and patterns, as well the inspirational feelings that these great edifices stir inside me. We hold that in common.

What a treat to play the organ at the national cathedral. What connections you must have! We have a celebrity in our community!

Thanks for sharing.

Pablo said...


I'm glad you had a chance to play there again. Hope you have many more such opportunities, both at the National Cathedral and anywhere else you can nudge your way in to play or perform.

I've been lucky to experience both organ and choral music in a few of the great cathedrals and large churches in the US, the UK and Europe. This brought back some wonderful memories. Thanks!