25 October 2008

Love Locked Out

While the Shepherd searches for the one,
The one is searching too
For reasons why he can't belong
Or feel as others do.

His love is real, his love is deep;
He cannot understand
Why other sheep would mock it so
And call it contraband.

The Shepherd's soldiers guard the gate
And pass the others through
To kingdoms, exaltations, and
Eternal lives anew.

They stop the one inside the door.
He does not qualify.
He must not love. He's told to wait
Till the Shepherd passes by.

He locks his love inside his heart,
For the Shepherd's soldiers say
That kind can never pass the gate
Or see eternal day.

The one still stands there, sorrowing,
Expecting Shepherd's voice
And answers to his questions: why,
Why did he have no choice.

The decades go. The one still waits.
No Shepherd's voice is heard.
The ticket to salvation
Is love forsworn, deferred.

Yet still he searches, pleading for
Assurance that he, too,
Can someday love without reproach
As all the others do.


Scott said...


October Rising said...

what scott said. did you write that?

Alan said...

Yes, guilty as charged. Not sure where it came from, it just sort of spilled out onto the page yesterday.

Bravone said...

Alan, Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Your words are inspiring.

Bror said...

Please keep them coming. Thanks