12 December 2010

Christmas Letter

Dear Family:

We've decided to start a new tradition and send out an annual Christmas letter! We noticed a lot of you had "other plans" around Thanksgiving so we didn't get to see any of you. Maybe you're following Uncle Dallin's advice? Whatever. We thought you might like to know what the Adam & Steve family have been up to this year.

This is our first Christmas together as a married couple, and some of you may not even know the story of how we met. It happened at an Evergreen Conference about 16 months ago. Adam was the organist and I was in charge of building security that day, and I had to unlock the Joseph Smith Building chapel early so Adam could practice. We started talking, and Adam ended up getting a good amount of practice that morning. Then I had to leave, so he started working on the music.

Adam worked just a few blocks away and started showing up at the JS Building a lot after that. We had a lot in common; both served French-speaking missions, we both like to cook and to play baseball, and both of us have uncles in the First Quorum of Seventy even! Actually, years ago Elder Packer assigned my uncle to attend every Evergreen Conference and report back on everything said and everyone who attended. Elder Packer seemed really interested in those reports. Never could figure out why. Whatev!

Anyway, Adam and I started dating, We'd meet in the JS Building lobby after work and head west for clubbing, or strolling at The Gateway, sometimes we'd catch a Bees game. In fact, that's where he proposed, on the scoreboard during the 7th inning stretch! The whole stadium cheered, even my uncle who was there, and the players waved us down onto the field to run the bases hand in hand. Isn't that romantic! A few guys in suits in the crowd didn't seem too happy but we didn't care.

We got married three months later in Iowa. It was nice to have a few family members there, too bad most of you couldn't clear the conflicts from your calendar. My uncle in the Seventy couldn't go because he was suddenly assigned to the East Africa Area Presidency right after we got engaged. Oh well. At least we had both grandmas there, and they arranged for all the food. It just wouldn't be a Mormon wedding without red punch and sugar cookies and green Jell-o salad afterward. Plus the local ward let us use their chapel, and the Young Women there even decorated it with white roses and pairs of silver rings and pairs of baseball bats!

When we got back to Utah, I was laid off from my job at the JS Building, but quickly got another with much better pay at the U. Adam and I found a beautiful Craftsman place in the Avenues and made it our first home. He's still working at Zion's Bank so we got a killer rate. The bishop of the local ward lives right next door. On weekdays he's as nice as can be, and on Sundays he doesn't seem to know quite what to do with us. Adam is the ward organist of course--so few guys in the Church can play the organ anymore--but the bishop hasn't asked me to do anything yet. It's fun to watch the different reactions at church when we sit together and hold hands or rub each others' backs like the straight couples do!

We had a bunch of the neighbors over for a Christmas party. The Relief Society president said she was going to copy our Christmas decorations, and the Elder's Quorum President couldn't believe I knew more about baseball than he did. He and the Pride Center director served in the same mission and had a great time swapping stories. Small world! The bishop even stopped in for a bit but said it was "unofficial," LOL.

OK, we've saved the best for last. By this time next year Adam and I expect to be parents! We've already started work on an adoption and so next Christmas we will be telling Santa Claus stories and sending family photos to all of you. We told the Primary President, and she was a little nonplussed at first, but then assured us our new addition would be warmly welcomed. So grandmas, we hope you're as excited as we are!

It's Monday night and we're watching the football game for FHE, then we're making fudge to take to the neighbors. We've enclosed a copy of our best wedding photo as your Christmas present. Have a wonderful holiday!

Adam & Steve


Andy Foree said...

Ummm...I have to ask. Is this in any way real?

I mean, Adam and Steve seem like aliases, but...man...if this was real, sign me up for that life!

Cool post!

Quiet Song said...

We used to have Adam and Steve living at our house. They were hairy little guys with beady eyes. Adam was pretty laid back big boy but skinny Steve had glowing red demon eyes. Steve had a little domestic violence issue. One day we arrived home to find Adam munching on Steve. True story of the Kid's hamster keeping. One of the conversations we had after he stared questioning/coming out was whether or not he thought he might be gay at that time he named Adam and Steve, and he said no. My apologies for the politically incorrectness of this hamster story, but I could not resist. Merry Christmas to one an all.

BLB said...

Oh, crap. These 2 remind me of _____ and _____!

MoHoHawaii said...

You guys are so spatial. 'Preciate ya.

Rob said...


This Adam & Steve are composites, not real people. But you have as much of a chance as anyone to make something like their life real for yourself, so go for it!


Hamster cannibalism certainly did not occur to me as I wrote this post. Thank you for your unique contribution, I think.

Pablo said...

Um, in what ward in Oz do these guys live? Cuz it sure has oh-my-heck ain't in Zion. But wouldn't it be wonderful.

(And yes, you're welcome for the "Zion" - "in Oz" word jumble. I was working on a word puzzle earlier. Shoot me.) :)

Anyway, thanks for the letter. Can't wait for next year's. I think you may have stumbled on a tradition.

Romulus said...

Oh, Rob, how you never cease to amuse me!

Donna Banta said...

I so wish Adam and Steve were my neighbors!