19 April 2009

Angst Antidote

William Wordsworth wrote about "the Happy Warrior." I hope I fit his description. This video is for all non-married gay Mormon guys, for the times you are discouraged.

To brethren in mixed-orientation marriages, I honor and am amazed by your faithfulness and commitment, and there are a few things in this video that probably aren't for you. Watch it if you want, of course, there's nothing "inappropriate," but for you a few of the clips might not have the desired effect.

I put this together to remind myself and my brethren of how blessed we are. Attitude is everything. Sure life isn't 100% bliss, but most of the time it's pretty great. Have a look and you'll see why I think so.


AmbiguouS One said...

I totally agree with your comments before the slideshow. We are great people with great testimonies of Christ (although maybe not the Church). We need to give ourselves more credit for the hills - no, mountains - that we've climbed.

kyle said...

I like the music you used (and it was nice to see it was a group I've heard before). It made me want to get up and reel away =)

...ahh, I miss my Irish class...

Grégoire said...

Thanks for the video.

I hope that appreciation isn't limited to gay-Mormon-men; though they should appreciate it since they're subjugated in the narrative.

This is the universal struggle for authenticity in microcosm. A definitive distinction between self and other begins with a knowledge and acceptance of the self, of being, of relationship to the other.

In a world where alienation and reification is the common currency, works like this hold out the possibility of some future peace and truth for everyone.