09 April 2009

General Conference: "Faith And Doubt Can't Co-exist!" See What The Church Really Thinks

With all due respect to whoever said that in General Conference, I don't believe it. Not only does my own experience tell me otherwise, I am encouraged to see that I'm far from alone. If you want to see what the rank & file who don't have spotlit scarlet overstuffed wing chairs actually think about the co-existence of faith and doubt, click here and be prepared for some surprises.


Grant Haws said...

I hate that the simple phrase "I don't know" is like profanity amongst the LDS. It's realistic, it's humble, it's sincere...how is that such an evil thing?

Crisco said...

I loved the post that you link to.
If you have doubt, then you know and no longer have faith. If you doubt but believe and act on that faith, then you show discipleship, but that does not mean never questioning.