12 August 2009

It's Not All Heavy

Not every post here is a pulpit-thumping, riveting barnburner worthy of the Congressional Record. Occasionally your humble correspondent doffs the workaholic professional bit, kicks off shoes, puts feet up on sofa, and actually becomes a normal person. And wonders what he should blog about. Inspiration hits! Two things to pass on, true stories both.

First thing. Recently I was in a bookstore and found something called "When I Knew." All kinds of stories about . . . well, about just that. I was standing very near the cash register with the clerk about 10 feet away. One story was so funny I just had to read it aloud so he'd hear. "I knew when the doctor slapped my little baby butt the very first day. If I could have talked, I would have turned around and said 'Hey, don't you think it's a little early for that? I mean, I think you're hot, but shouldn't we at least have drinks first?" And just at that moment the cashier was taking a drink from his Coke. Bad timing. He practically choked from laughter. Yes, I apologized.

Second thing. Simple, really. A love letter of sorts. I am feeling very lucky and grateful and want to say so, and to say why. Though I am physically far away from all for a little while, I am so blessed with so many friends to care so much about; blogger friends, Facebook friends old and new. I reach out to you, and in recent days quite a few of you have reached out to me. Thank God for the Internet without which this amazing group wouldn't exist. You awe me with your talents and your strength, you impress me with your insights, you honor me with your shout outs and by sharing the stories of your lives. My heart dances to hear of your happiness and success, and it weeps when you tell me of your sorrows. It's a privilege and a blessing to know each of you, and my life is infinitely better because you are part of it. I wish only that I could be where each of you are and smile and put my arms around you and look you in the eye and say thanks. I'm honored to be your friend.

That's all.


Romulus said...


Bravone said...

I just took a big gulp of water before reading about the baby. Bad timing! :)

Evan said...

Alan, you're so grande! I appreciate our friendship so much :)

And I think I am going to have to check out that book.