06 August 2009

A Challenge to "Sxark"

On 30th July I posted a request that readers comment about the things they thought were great about being gay.

Within an hour or two after that post went up, I had the first of two comments from a hitherto unknown person identified only as "sxark." His first comment was "Why do you say I need your help everybody when you know the answer yourself?" Sounded a bit like someone trying to stir up controversy, but I thought Meh, NBD. It didn't contribute to the discussion so I didn't approve the comment for publication.

Within just a few more hours, a second comment from "sxark" arrived, this one clearly intended to provoke: "The only thing 'GREAT' about a series of wrong choices in life is that one continues to live and can take advantage, so they can start making the 'right' choices that negate all the bad ones made previously."

Obviously "sxark" is watching the blog and was trying to poke a beehive. Again, though, his comment wasn't relevant to the post so I didn't approve it for publication.

Now, though, it's time to publish both his comments and to respond.

Sxark, if you are still reading this blog, I challenge you to explain and back up your statements and their implications. Engage me and other blog readers in debate. The free exchange of well-reasoned, intellectually honest and properly researched ideas is welcome here.

There are some ground rules. No personal attacks. Respect at all times. You must be able to back up everything you say with logic and evidence. If you state a personal opinion you must acknowledge it as such. Logical errors and fallacies, incomplete or inaccurate evidence, and opinion disguised as fact will be pointed out and disregarded. If they persist after warnings, the debate will be closed. These are features of any credible debate regardless of forum.

On those bases, I invite you back to defend your statements which I've now released to all the world. Do you have what it takes to return and back up what you said?

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