09 February 2009

Another "It" In A Nutshell

A very interesting discussion going on right now over at Mormon Matters, about celibacy and sexuality.

The "Money Post" winner so far comes from none other than MoHoHawaii, who has an admirable ability to condense the heart of an issue into a small and compelling statement. What he says should at least prompt serious internal debate about the Church's stance for any LDS critic of homosexuality or same-sex marriage who is not beyond the reach of Christian charity, or who may accept the "one standard for all, regardless of sexual orientation" myth:

Forming a durable pair bond with a special person is a compelling and nearly universal human need. If you or your spouse had physical injuries that prevented sex, you’d still have each other. You would still be each other’s beloved. Mature, loving couplings have remarkable durability, in sickness and in health.

Contrast that to what we ask of gay and lesbian members of the Church: utter, lifelong loneliness with not a shred of hope for love and companionship. It’s not unfulfilled sexual desire that causes all those suicides in gay LDS youth.

When I came out twenty years ago, my kindhearted LDS parents chose me over doctrinal purity, and it made all the difference in my life. Loving someone gay . . . seems to be what finally opens people’s hearts to this issue.

Not much else to say. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

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