08 March 2009

A Little Light-Hearted Hopeless Conflict

It's pretty cool that I now have a sister with whom I can joke about being gay.

Yesterday we had family visiting from out of town, including parents and the sister I'm out to. We all went out to breakfast and my dad showed up in white shirt, khaki trousers, black socks, and brown leather dress shoes. I pointed out this woeful mismatch to said sister and said Gee I wish someone would explain to dad how to match his clothes. She promptly shot back "Well, you should volunteer, you're qualified!" Much laughter ensued between us, to everyone else's puzzlement.

Later on, gathered at our house again, same sister noted that there were an awful lot of shoes piled by the door (it's family custom to remove them). I said Yeah, we have a lot of shoes here. Pause. "No jokes." I looked at her and grinned, she looked back, and we both busted up laughing again. Again, more puzzled looks from those within earshot.

Later on, I watched some professional rugby on TV and reveled in the vicious combat.

Like I said, hopelessly conflicted!


Ausmo said...

It's always great to have someone close to you to be that comfortable with to joke about it all. Its a nice reminder that its all ok and, for you, you have an amazing sister.

Ezra said...

Yeah, I love when people I love can make jokes about being gay--because it shows that it's not some big scary taboo subject. We can laugh about it the same way you'd laugh about a joke about any other characteristic you might have.

I'm glad you've been able to share that with your sister.