10 March 2009

Reverting to Type - Or Maybe Not?

Well, type for me I guess. Though certainly not if measured by popular myths in the United States. Read on to understand this cryptic comment.

As The Great Sage of the 20th Century said, "April is the cruelest month". Cruel in its contradictions, something which I and most of you know a lot about. Lengthening days, more sunlight. But also the end of the rugby season. Truly a cruel trade-off! As I've said in the past, playing rugby is an exhilaration that has to be experienced to be understood. Those of you who think I'm nuts about this, just give it a go. You'll understand.

Believe it or not, there is a point to this post. The point is Chris Clemmow, and what he and his circumstances portend, God willing. Chris is a bisexual rugby player at a top-ranked UK university. He's not in everybody's face about his orientation. His teammates all know and accept it as part of life. They even try to set him up on dates with guys. They look out for him. "The boy doesn’t dance, he doesn’t dress particularly well, and it is rare to see him publicly gawk over a passing male. Conversely, he doesn’t act in stereotypical macho ways either. He doesn’t sexualize women, posture himself as aggressive, or talk obsessively about sport. He is just Chris." He lives in a culture where it's acceptable for guys to kiss other guys. Nobody thinks anything of it. He just is what he is, and doesn't make an issue of it. Nor, apparently does anybody else. Live and let live.

Naturally, it's rugby that leads the way toward a brighter future. Read the delightful and encouraging story of Chris Clemmow here. Someday, USA!

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Robert said...

Awesome. Go rugby. ;) Thank you Alan for your support. You're a really great individual Alan. Thank you for your posts and being here. :)