03 January 2010

No, THIS is the place

I admire all those with the constitution to endure and even enjoy cold, snowy winters. I've lived for over a decade total in such places so I'm not some untested weather wimp. I admit that it was a nice change of pace to leave palm trees and warmth behind to once again experience the bracing wind and snowy winter chill. That said, it was also deliciously, sensuously delightful to step outside onto the patio this morning in shorts and a t-shirt and feel the just barely cool soft sea breeze kissing my skin, to savor the sunshine, the green grass and trees. And to realize that it's January!

Like I said last post, the only thing that could have torn me away from this place was the prospect of an even better kind of warmth. And in that sense, the trip was a resounding success. Meeting with old friends and new, bookstore browsing with a friend, dinner and a movie with another friend, lunches with two others, even some robust but always respectful jousting with my MTC teaching companion about a particular issue on which he, as an orthodox but practical & savvy TBM, has a predictable opinion but he also isn't afraid to concede that the Church's knowledge is incomplete and the situation cries out for better communication and reconciliation. That was certainly more refreshing than the air in the Salt Lake Valley for the first couple of days: a classic inversion kept the place shrouded in fog and mist so that it was practically claustrophobic. But by 31st December it was sunny and beautiful and actually warm enough to go without a jacket for brief periods. Even the weather god's tantrums don't last forever.

One experience in particular is worth sharing. David and I met for lunch one day to plan our next nefarious advocacy adventure. As luck would have it, the instant our waiter walked away after his initial 30 second spiel, I looked at David, he looked at me, both of us with eyebrows raised and half smiles, and I said "Family?" David said "Ah, yeah, I think so, let's wait and see for sure." Waiter came back with drinks and began fawning over us. Obviously three gaydars were all working overtime. When he walked away again, David looked at me with a big smile and said "Family!" This happened half a dozen times again during the course of the meal (including the "Family!"), by the end of which said waiter had contrived to touch us both, shake our hands, fuss over us far beyond what a normal waiter does, tell some jokes, and practically beg for an opening to volunteer his phone number. So we left a generous tip and personalized notes for him on the check, and I included the HRC logo just in case he had any doubt. Them boys are everywhere, Edna!

It was wonderful to see so many friends over the course of those three days, especially at the New Year's Eve party. Thank you Scott & Sarah for once again opening your home, you are both angels of generosity to make it possible for all of us family members to get together and share good times and laughter and love. To all my friends & family that I saw during this trip, thank you for helping to make the last 16 months of my life happier in many ways than any part of life before. I love you all very much and consider myself blessed that you would allow me to be part of your lives.

So now the new year starts. Everybody's making resolutions. Gyms and health clubs are seeing the predictable temporary spike in membership and activity before it slowly starts to taper off again. I like new years. I always feel refreshed after the holidays and ready to re-engage with new energy. And there is a lot to do this year, much of it in the pipe already. Watch this space for updates.

Oh, and welcome to my nephew Conner, about whom I've spoken to some of you. He wanted to read the blog, and after due consideration, I thought why not let him see what his uncle's been up to for the last while. So here it is, Con Man. Welcome to my alter-ego on-line space, which will also introduce you to my "other family."


I am Landmark said...

Uh...not to sound desperate and, well, totally gay, but...would you consider sharing the name of the restaurant? I think I've eaten at every place in SLC metro and I'm convinced there isn't a "family" waiter in the entire city. Maybe my gaydar is entirely broken but...

Max Power said...

IamLandmark, have you never heard of the Italian restaurant Trio in downtown SLC? I think that it's a requirement to be gay in order to be a waiter there.

Alan said...

@I am Landmark:

Cheesecake Factory at Fashion Place Mall. He's tall with dark hair. Good luck!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I'm glad to see you enjoyed your trip. That bit with David made me laugh.