23 January 2010

Once Again, Rugby Leads The Way

England's Rugby Football League has become the first national governing body of a major sport to sign up and support an anti-homophobia campaign in Britain. Inspired by former Australian rugby league player Ian Roberts - who came out as being homosexual in 1995 - the campaign is hoping to promote homosexual and bisexual equality in sport.

Posters and logos carrying the message, "Some people are gay. Get over it!" will be displayed at rugby league grounds, in programmes and fan zones, in a bid to lessen homophobic segregation. Forums will also be set up for gay, lesbian and bisexual players and staff.

For more on this inspiring story, go here. NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, when will you finally wake up and follow suit? Once again, the ruggers are out in front!

1 comment:

Evan said...

But if we look at Europe, you will see that after all this acceptance of homosexuality, incest and bestiality are now okay.

I hope the NFL never follows that trend in Europe!