09 April 2010

About That Family Letter

Thanks to all for your thoughts and concern. Many points very well taken. I value everyone's input and perspective and am grateful so many of you took the time to help.

Let me clarify one thing I said before. I don't know if I will ever actually send this letter. If I do, it won't be for a while, and it will be revised further. Several of you advised that I take out the one year "deadline" and, given what I know of my family, that may be a good idea. Several of them have the tendency to dig in their heels and push back if they feel pushed, not because of the merits, but solely because they rebel against being pushed. It may well be better to simply give them the year and then, around Easter 2011, if they are still mired where they are now, let them know how things will be going forward.

Thanks again to all my family here who've been so supportive.

I will now attempt to return you to your regularly scheduled drivel.


Keaton said...

Rob...I have always admired your ability to clearly articulate your ideas. This is however packed with emotional substance. Not easy for any of us to sort through. I wouldn't put any conditions on them. All you can do is express who you are with all your hopes and dreams. Keep the gospel stuff light but to the point. Your a great man who puts his faith in God. A man who wants to share his heart with others. What more can they ask for from a brother in the gospel and a brother in the family. Ultimately they must be free to express their own love, humanity and Christ-like love. This is an individual opportunity for each of them to learn and grow. This is a deep heart felt test for Mr. Rugby to love them unconditionally inviting them to share your life with them...as it is.. unconditionally. This isn't a good luck kind of thing. I certainly wish the best for you. What a blessing for them if they share in your life. What a travesty for them if they don't.

MoHoHawaii said...

I heard this song and thought of you. Good luck to you.