12 April 2010

Grown Up Rob Talks to Teenage Rob

Today Chris asked what I'd say to my 18 year old self if I could give 100 words of advice. I realized this would make a perfect blog post and would also be a fun bit of reflection and looking back. So here it is, in 100 words, what I wish somebody had told me back then and I wish I'd taken to heart.

Dear 18 year old Rob:

You're too fearful. You have courage, use it. Break out of the bubble; the world is far wider, more wonderful and filled with opportunity than you think. Explore and embrace it. Don't be afraid to be true to yourself.

Your time really is limited so pack every day with purpose and accomplishment. But stay humble, you'll always need to learn and grow more. Laugh, have fun, but avoid trivia. Love much, be humble, keep your faith, work hard, serve others. You'll have great trials, but great blessings too. Always be grateful for them and you'll always be happy.

Grown-up Rob

Anybody else want to give this a try? I'd love to read what the rest of you who are sufficiently past your 18th birthday would say to your 18 year old selves now that you are wise and grown up.


LDS Brother said...

Imagine if your 18 yr. old self received it...the butterfly effect is always something to think about. ;)

Beck said...

It's so easy to tell someone to be brave, to not fear, to burst out! But with no context, as an 18 year old, that is so hard to do... it's even harder for someone three decades older to do after living a life in fear.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I love this concept. I think the best thing I could say to myself, though, would be:

Don't worry. Everything will make sense in due time. You'll be delightfully surprised on multiple levels.