14 April 2010

The World's Most Magnificent Job Application

When I was five I heard some music that almost hypnotized me with its melody, its precision, its structural complexity. Of course I couldn't have articulated all that as a kindergartner, but it was true. That was a major early life imprint and I have loved the music of this composer ever since. He lived a while ago but his music is timeless. I love lots of modern stuff too, jazz, rock, techno, even zydeco. But this guy's music has stood the test of time and many modern popular musicians will acknowledge his genius and his influence on all music that followed his.

He lived only 65 years and actually lost his sight near the end of his life. He also had 20 children by two wives (not polygamous). He had constant financial stress, of course. And more than once he applied for a music director's job which he didn't get. But as part of his application for one of those, he wrote a set of pieces which included that one I heard at age five and which has influenced my life ever since. I wanted to share it with everyone.

Watch at 1:27-1:29; the two musicians in the foreground catch each other's eye and smile, as if to say "Isn't this fantastic." I know how they feel. And notice the ages of the musicians too; though the music is centuries old, these are young people playing it. Obviously they know quality, and they prove this music has universal appeal for all ages. In parts they almost seem to dance as they're playing. It'd be hard not to! IMHO this guy's music should be the soundtrack for heaven. BTW, his name is Johann Sebastian Bach.


Anonymous said...

How impressive that you appreciated music like this at such a young age!

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don't know if you have heard this joke or not:

What did Johann Sebastian Schwarzenegger say? I'll be Bach.