14 September 2010

Family And Friends, Please Read These Posts

Occasionally I run across somebody else's stuff on line that's too good not to share. Today I found two of those, actually. Well worth reading.

The first is from blogger friend Pablo. It's extremely compelling and should be required reading for all "TBMs" (True Blue Mormons) with any gay family or friends in the LDS Church. To my own extended family: I know you read this blog. Please give Pablo's viewpoint every possible consideration. Warning: It is not a sweet nice diplomatic puff piece. He pulls no punches. But I think you will be better and more knowledgeable for reading it. Click here.

Second is for anyone geeky or wonky enough to care about the legal fate of Proposition 8, or who really believes all the messaging put out by the LDS Church in the 2008 election about protecting traditional marriage, preserving the family, etc. When the lead attorney who defended Prop 8 in federal court can't even withstand questioning from a bunch of BYU Law students, what does that say about the truth of all that election messaging? Or Prop 8's chances if it ever gets to the Supreme Court? Click here.

1 comment:

Pablo said...

You're very kind Rob. A gentleman and a scholar, as they say. (And don't delete this praise in your content moderation process!) Many thanks for your positive review of my blog post and, more importantly, your friendship.