28 September 2010

LDS Friends, You Gotta Read This

Once in a while you run across something that is so good on so many levels that you don't even want to start describing it. You just point others toward and say "You gotta see this." And that's what I'm doing now. Thanks to anonymous blogger friend who called this to my attention. LDS friends and readers, you are about to read something quite remarkable. Click here.


Beck said...

You're right! That was quite the amazing read...

To learn of the Pres. McKay, Elder McKonkie, Bro. England history was quite fascinating!

How often have you heard in a testimony that no matter where you go the "church is the same"? And it is usually said with such a sense of relief or comfort.

I understand the reason for correlation in a global church as headquarters tries to keep a grasp of its members, but to go to a little branch in India and see the sameness (sterile-ness) when so much color and expression of life and spirit is around you on every corner, and you find yourself sitting with the branch president and just the two of you sit in your white shirts and ties and read the same quotes from the same priesthood manual, is more than disheartening.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Rob, I was blown away by your positive rave over my blog, Pure Mormonism. Thank you SO MUCH for the kind response.

FYI, eventually I'm going to weigh in on the Prop 8 thing with a review of the film "8: The Mormon Proposition" in a month or two (I only write once or twice a month). Some of my readers have wondered where I stand on the controversy, so I guess it's time to reveal myself.

Spoiler alert: I think Senator Buttars is an awful, AWFUL excuse for a human being.

Again, thanks for your kind and ethusiastic words. People like you have really given that piece legs, and I've been caught by surprise at how much it has been resonating.