08 September 2010

Random Thoughts

Time to take a break from the seriousness of life and just spout whatever froth floats around my alleged brain in between the big stuff.

A bird's nest fell out of the tree outside my office window. The tree is a Torrey pine, found nowhere else on earth but this small area of the SoCA coast. I've never seen a bird's nest made with Torrey pine needles before. Fascinating. And my time in Asia must have warped me permanently because I instantly thought of Chinese birds' nest soup and how I was a lot less likely to try it again now that I've seen what the inside of that nest looks like.

Windows Vista sucks big time.

iTunes Ping rocks.

My good friend Lisa Jenkins has written one of the most hysterically funny and spot-on analyses of Mormon terminology I've seen in a long time. Check it out.

Why has my black ink cartridge run out already, long before the colored ones? Usually it's the other way round.

I wish I didn't have a 7 am conference call, I want to go running on the beach tomorrow morning. Oh well, at least the gym's open late and I can get in a workout tonight.

Thank you George Foreman. Your grill makes it possible to whip up a somewhat decent dinner in 5 minutes.

Few situations in life are not a match for at least one line from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

Living far from lots of my friends sucks. But there is some small compensation when I look out the window at the ridge of hills just a mile to the west, right along the coast, when the trees are back-lit by the setting sun's glow and the coastal mist turns their silhouettes shades of green-grey, tinged with gold. It's like looking at a modern impressionistic painting. So beautiful.

One of my kids loves Family Guy. Said kid would watch it all day if it were permitted. I have therefore learned to hate Family Guy for the same reason one hates a joke one has heard for the 1000th time. For the same reason I hate Beethoven's "Fur Elise." Gaaaaahhh.

Adam Sandler ain't much better.

Chris Pine. Perfect.

Rush hour traffic should be done, time to head to Costco for supplies. Friend Chris recommends for post-workout purposes a protein supplement stocked there. Stupid me, already ate dinner, could have binged on the samples near the freezer section.

I think the iPhone is charged. There's nothing like stomping down the Costco aisles belting out Mahler's 8th Symphony under your breath while buying fruit and salmon in bulk.



Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the plug! :D

Jack said...

If this is what you call "brain froth" pour me another big frosty mug.

Very good stuff!

E, R and O's Papa said...

I also can't stand Fur Elise after hearing it play too many times in Korea when trucks back up. But I've always wondered if the apocryphal story is true about the missionary who went crazy and started muttering it as he backed around the apartment....

Rob said...

@ER&O's Papa: Send me a private e-mail, I have a couple questions for you!

Evan said...

Windows Vista makes me want to ralph all over the place.

Just upgrade iTunes. I'm in love with ping.

George Foremans make things taste not so good... am I the only one who thinks that? I will never own one unless I get it as a wedding present.

thinkrqp said...

Are they the Premier Protein shakes from Costco? If so, they are delicious! I had one after my workout this morning.

BTW, I don't know how/why I added you but I assume it had to do with MoHo blogs. It's nice to meet you. Hahaha.

Scott said...

@Evan: Now I know what to get you for a wedding present! :P

Quiet Song said...

"Why has my black ink cartridge run out already, long before the colored ones? Usually it's the other way round."

Because some cartridges come from the maker that way. Either accept it for what it is, or exchange it for one that is full, like it is supposed to be.

Yes, it's true, before acquiring copy machine supremo with the servicing contract, I had been known to return poor performing cartridges and with some costing $30 each, it was a real burr under my saddle to not get full performance and output from a cartridge.

Wow, you really touched a raw nerve for me there. I did not know I had so much pent up disgust with cartridge manufacturers. Which remminds me of a call I need to make regarding good old El Supremo.


Lisa said...

we got a george foreman for our wedding and eventually tossed it because it just made things icky.

so no, you're not alone in that.

Anonymous said...

". . . belting out Mahler's 8th . . ."

OMG, that's me! Well, actually, I work at Costco, but I belt that out (safely within the glass enclosure of the pharmacy, where only my sympathetic co-workers can hear). "Veni, veni creator spiritus!"