04 September 2009

My First Anniversary

One year and a day ago,
The storm that wracked my heart
for years was unabated, and
was ripping me apart.

One year and a day ago
I thought it was my fate
forever to be agonized
while trying to be straight.

One year and a day ago,
Despairing and resigned
To never knowing peace inside,
Then Spirit spoke to mind.

One year less a day ago
the gift of courage came.
I spoke the truth with trembling voice
And never was the same.

One year and a day now past,
the world is brilliant, bright.
The storm has calmed to radiant peace,
and life is filled with light.

One year and a day have brought
New knowledge, new intent,
New friends I love with all my heart,
New faith to supplement.

One life long and for eons hence
I will, without a doubt,
Still bless and thank God for the day
I finally came out.

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