19 February 2010

See For Yourself

Highlights of last weekend's USA Rugby Sevens tournament will be broadcast Saturday 20 February on ABC, 5 pm EST, 2 pm PST. Anybody between is probably used to calculating their show time. If you want a look at why I am so passionate about this sport (despite being benched by an arm broken during practice and prevented temporarily from playing by business travel), have a look at the trailer below and then watch ABC tomorrow afternoon. If it doesn't get your blood pumping even just a little bit then you have no pulse at all. Find out why I am so hooked on this, God's Own Sport, which doesn't rely on sissy pads or helmets or downs between which everybody just stands around. This is a game that matches life. It's full force, head on, it doesn't stop. And it's exhilarating.

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Quinn said...

I love rugby. I got to see a live game in England on my mission, and loved it!