11 August 2010

"I'm A Mormon" PR Campaign - Will The Church Post THIS One?


Bruce said...

So, be pro-gay rights. The Church will not stop that. Within the Church in CA during the Prop 8 thing, there were couples who were split on the issue. I agree with you on much. I just don't see any rights "gays" don't have. I am also against gays who insist that kindergardners have to have books read to them to promote the gay lifestyle. Lifestyles have never been promoted to little kids. So, I'm kinda into no tell/no harm. I do not believe that marriage is a "right". I've never seen it in the constitution or in the scriptures as a "right". Its a privilege. I'm also against easy, no-fault divorce. Divorce has ruined the American family and the American people. I do not believe that the government has a right, responsibility or power to implement or direct marriage. That is a sacred right and responsibility of churches and communities. SO, no gay marriage unless a church or community grant it. i don't have to acknowledge or accept it, but you can.

Kurt said...

now if we could just have one done with a real person to prove these people actually exist.