04 August 2010

The Wall Starts To Crumble

I was at lunch with a friend in Los Angeles today when we heard that Judge Walker threw out Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. Elation ensued, of course, along with frustration that all the Internet pipes were predictably clogged so we couldn't get any details. Eventually those surfaced, and it became clear that Prop 8 had been knocked down decisively by a 1-2 punch, unconstitutional on two separate grounds.

I won't take time to rehearse the decision in this post. I recommend that everyone read this summary instead so you'll know what the ruling actually says. Don't rely on or be swayed by overheated rhetoric from anyone who hasn't read at least that much about it.

I had a business function to attend this evening in LA which is why I went up in the first place. And by sheer dumb luck, today was the day of decision. And since I had some free time in the afternoon, I attended the post-decision celebration rally at West Hollywood Park. The mayors of WeHo and Los Angeles were there, along with hundreds of others in a celebratory mood. Everybody knew this wasn't the end of the fight, but it's a significant step forward. Jubilation reigned.

I love it when life throws pleasant surprises at you. Out of all the hundreds of people at that rally, who did I end up standing next to? Two gay Mormon boyfriends. One wore a CTR ring, and the other had a tattoo of the Angel Moroni on his right calf. That is SO California. What a delightful surprise. I wished I had a magic wand and could have transported them to the BYU campus for a stroll around during Especially For Youth. Just goes to show you that gay Mormon boys are everywhere!

So sorry, Prop 8 proponents who gave money, but I think you fought a lost cause and your money was wasted. The LDS Church predictably lamented the ruling and in its press release repeated the myth that civil rights should be subject to popular vote. More paint, please, for around that corner into which the Church has backed itself. Fight this if you want, but the trend is unstoppable. Why not cut your losses and make your peace with the inevitability of marriage equality now, rather than making it even more difficult for yourself later on? The time's coming when the Church is going to have to change again. Accept it. Embrace it. Walk your talk about living the Golden Rule.

Some of the rhetoric I heard this afternoon from Prop 8 supporters was really disheartening. Is there actually that much ignorance still out there about the law, about marriage, about how our courts work, about who and what gay people are? Apparently so. That's really depressing. But it just means there's more work and educating to do. So we keep at it. But for today we can pause and savor a great achievement. And the discovery of a CTR ring in WeHo Park.


Ezra said...

You should have connected them with me! It'd be neat to have some Gay Mormon buddies here in LA. Glad you had fun!

Sean said...

I often find it hard if not impossible to find beauty in the church. Seeing the picture you posted shows me that there is still something beautiful about the church, and ironically it is with the gay crowd.