06 August 2010

The Way Out of The Corner

In my last post I mentioned the corner into which the LDS Church is painting itself on the issue of marriage equality. Many thanks to good friend David Baker for supplying a perfect solution which almost every active Mormon will recognize instantly.


Quiet Song said...

The funny thing about this, IS that it is what I've been saying all along to the Kid. It is as simple as the church saying this is the law and because it is the law we will comply . . . . No revelation needed. Of course until then, no, they are going to continue to speak out or back themselves into a corner as you see it, but they won't need to do anything dramatic to get out. In the meantime, the collateral damage is less than the net benefit for fighting gay marriage on a mass scale. Of course if you are one of the many suffering the collateral damage, its not a very pleasant experience. Being old, I've lived through both the priesthood revelation and the ERA and somehow survived testimony intact, as I will through the gay marriage battle.

Romulus said...

Love it!

Kurt said...

i am facebooking this!