14 January 2009

Utah To Ban Comic Books

Well, no, it hasn't happened quite yet. But with Chris Buttars leading the charge for Purity, Decency and The American Way in the Utah Legislature, you can bet he'll try something after he reads about Thom Creed, the world's first gay superhero, soon to be threatening traditional families from televisions and newstands across the country. I can only imagine the next few years' worth of lessons in LDS Deacons Quorums.


Scot said...

"the world's first gay superhero"

Hey, there's a bunch of gay superheros. Maybe it's just Stan Lee's first :-).

Z i n j said...

Alan..you're my SUPERHERO!!

Romulus said...

Sounds like a good idea to me! Comic books are evil.

Alan said...

@Scot: I had no idea. Looks like the comic book world is a lot more evenly balanced than I thought! And yes, I think it is Stan Lee's first.

@Zinj: LOL. Aw shucks [blush, foot shuffle]. Wonder if I could outpace you on a hike through the red rocks.

@Romulus: I actually haven't read any since my MAD Magazine days. That may change when Thom Creed hits the stands, who knows.