23 June 2009

Conference Hymn

It's come to my attention that the NeverWeaned International Conference referenced below has commissioned prominent LDS lyricist Shanece Kapp Terry to write some new lyrics for the old favorite hymn Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning, and this new version will be sung at the Conference's opening session. One of my sources who knows of my appreciation for fine literature has secretly sent me an advance copy, so here it is for everyone's FHE enjoyment:

Victim victim, mormon gay guy
now we stress with every care
victim victim, that's the way, guy
holy cow I love his hair

Loving leaders kindly teach us
how to put our hearts on ice
Let no feeling ever reach us
Don't protest, that's just not nice

Victim victim, mormon gay guy
sad and lonely till the end
We're not sure, but still we hope that
Though you're broken, God will mend.

Now isn't that spayshul.


Sarah said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Troy said...


MoHoHawaii said...

It's been many years since I've heard that hymn, but I still remember it.


Joe Conflict said...

Ok--I hate that hymn, but that was incredible. I think you could write a few more fun verses too.

The Wife said...

I know I'm a bit late in commenting here. I actually read it right after you posted it. But for the past week and a half, it keeps getting stuck in my head! That song will never be the same to me again! I like to sing it to Chris!