03 June 2009

This Captures It

Reading through an excellent post by another blogger entitled What Bothers Me, And Why I Still Believe, I linked to his separate blog about Prop 8. In the wake of New Hampshire today raising the total of marriage equality states to six, I wanted to pass on an excellent comment from that separate blog, which emerged from a respectful debate with a conservative Christian commenter who obviously is no friend of the GLBT community. Kudos to Derek, the commenter (full post and thread here):

"Homosexuals do not demand that we "worship their master." They demand we allow them the right of conscience to determine for themselves who is their master and how they can best serve that master--just as mainstream Christians and Mormons each demand that same right. The issue of whether or not the Bible condones homosexual relationships is irrelevant. Neither conservative Christian faiths nor the Mormon faith have to perform or permit homosexual marriages, or accept those who engage in homosexual relationships within our faith, whether those relationships are marriage or not. What is relevant is allowing individuals and organizations the right to make those moral determinations. If we deny them that right, and force our belief regarding marriage on them, we betray the concept of liberty and freedom of conscience upon which this nation was founded."

And I wish the video below had been available before last year's elections. It is compelling and I would love to hear any Prop 8 proponent respond:

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Grant Haws said...

Such an awesome video. Thanks for the posting it.

I like it when he calls Maggie Gallacher out for being a bigot...