15 November 2008

Debate Continues

Just a quick alert to readers who haven't yet had enough of the Prop 8 debate. Today I ran across some of the best content yet in the ongoing discussion not only of Prop 8, but of the broader questions it presents.

The first, entitled Inconclusive Musings On Gays In Eternity, is an elegantly thoughtful examination of the broader question of how gay persons fit into the eternal plan. One of the commenters aptly concludes that "the entire situation [of Church statements and doctrinal tidbits on the issue] is, in a word, a mess."

The second, The Prop 8 Debate and the Fiction of the Autonomous Self, examines a question I've often thought of, namely, the extent to which this whole issue arises from a culture that exalts individual freedoms above everything else, starting from the often-heard argument of "Why should it make any difference to Cinderella and Prince Charming if the gay couple down the street, Hansel and Jack of the Beanstock, are married as well?"

Both are thought-provoking reads for anyone more interested in substance than sound bites.


invisible said...

Great articles. I really appreciated the second one. Thank you so much for sharing!

Scott said...

The first one did a fantastic job of articulating a lot of the questions I've found myself asking over the last several months. Thanks for bringing both articles to my attention!