17 November 2008

The New Brand and Make Some Room

Two more excellent discussions to pass on.

Make Some Room talks about how the predominance of just one political perspective within the Church is essentially suicidal for that perspective. Thought-provoking to honest cultural conservative Mormons who really are more interested in truth than in being right. And encouraging to those LDS who may find themselves just a little to the left of Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen. Side note: I was pleased to see that Clint has already posted a comment to this thread.

The New Mormon Brand may, alas, be intolerance. Another thought-provoking post, but this time depressing for those who care about how non-Mormons look at the Church. Warning: this discussion is strictly for realists; Iron Rodders who see themselves as valiantly defending the bastions of Zion against Prop 8 opponents and others of Satan's minions needn't bother reading this one, it will only make them angry and defensive.

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Bravone said...

Interesting articles. The more life experiences I have, the more I value diversity of thoughts, lifestyles, and individuals. Thanks for the post.