24 November 2008

Jumping the Gun on the Holiday

This Thanksgiving will be different from all the others. This year I'm thankful for something I've never had before: membership in a new family. Of course my own “bio” family of origin is strong and solid and loving as ever. But this year I'm part of another one too, for the first time. One many of whose members I met for the first time last Saturday. It was joyful. Delightful. Warm, welcoming, refreshing in ways I'd never known before. The time flew by far too quickly and I can't wait for the next one. To each of you that were there (and I mean that sincerely, each one of you individually), and especially to our gracious hosts, I apologize that “thank you” is so pitifully thin an expression for the depth of my gratitude and of my happiness in meeting each of you. In many ways it felt more like a family reunion.

I usually don't recycle material, but this time it's appropriate. Turns out I've already written the best expression of my feelings after being with “the family” Saturday night and I hope you'll forgive the recycle because I can do no better than this:

For the beauty of my bro's,
For the beauty in their eyes,
For the love that each one knows
Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee I raise
This my hymn of grateful praise.

For the beauty of my friends,
For their hearts and helping hands,
Their support that never ends
Reaching out to many lands,
Lord of all, to thee I raise
This my hymn of grateful praise.

For the joy of brothers' love,
Giv'n by God to each and all,
Friends on earth and friends above,
With them, standing proud and tall,
Savior, Lord, to thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise.


Scott said...

In many ways it felt more like a family reunion.

That's funny. One of the guys that came told me beforehand that he was a little bit nervous because it felt like he was getting ready to go to a family reunion at which he didn't know anybody.

In my opinion, it was better than any family reunion I've ever been to. I've never been as comfortable with my extended family as I was Saturday night with everyone who came to the party.

There are at least a few with regrets that they couldn't make it, so we'll definitely do another one sooner than later.

Bravone said...

Alan & Scott, I echo your sentiments. I love my blog family, and yes, it was me who made the family reunion remark. It was so good to meet everyone. It gave me an even greater sense of belonging.

October Rising said...

I am so glad that you have found us. There are many more that don't blog, but do attend moho get-togethers. We are not alone, but are each one of many.