18 November 2008

"It" in a Nutshell

A great riposte in the comments to a staunch and reveling-in-his-sense-of-persecution advocate of Prop 8 captures virtually every issue gay Mormons face (could it be from a "Michael" we know?):

"Reason trumps emotion and until it is fully explained how gays and lesbians fit into the plan of salvation then the emotion will win the day. Where do we fit? Are we meant to be eliminated due to something we did not choose? Are we denied love and companionship forever? Or will we be switched back to heterosexuality upon our entrance into the spirit world? Do we change our fundamental makeup when we get to the other side?

We can always remain faithful to the Gospel but when will we get the answers we need to remain faithful to the Church?"

I think that about sums it up!

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Grant Haws said...

The question that keeps coming back to me when I hear Mormons say that homosexuality goes away in the post-mortal realm is why would I want that? So much of who I am is based on this. I would choose to be gay if I had the choice again. The Mormon Plan of Salvation has zero place for me just like the Church as an organization.