18 November 2008

I'm Still Standing

One of the set pieces of a rugby match is called a "maul." It is appropriately named. The guy with the ball is head down and running. Opposing team guy slams into him. Ball runner pivots and hopes another team member is there to hand off to. Other team members come up, lock arms around shoulders, heads down, 90 degrees at the waist, and push opposing team members back. Everyone stays on their feet, theoretically. When you get 8 or 10 or more guys all like this pushing against each other, well, that's probably why it's called a maul.

Guess what we did tonight. And guess where your humble correspondent got hit. Again. Full force slam. Yep, same place. But this time, I was just winded for a few moments. Getting stronger? Oh yeah, left elbow pretty banged up too. Coach happened to be the runner on that play and shredded his knee. It was probably the most brutal play of the night. But we all got up, huffed and puffed, recovered, and went on. After it was all over I discovered I now have matching bruises on the right side too, plus some muscles in my left inner thigh that are complaining very loudly. One of the veterans told me that in a few months I'll be able to tell which bruise I got on which day by the different colors. LOL. Right now, it's time for Motrin and the jacuzzi.

Comment already received from one reader: "You're freakin nuts." Probably.

I love this game.


invisible said...

Balls of steel, dude! Balls of steel...

Z i n j said...

Tough nuts is all I can say. I don't mind pain if it comes quick and unexpected and I'm doing something at the same time. Otherwise I'll watch you from the sideline. I once had to switch shoulders duck hunting. Ya gotta gitt'em when there'a com'in. I always thought a "MAUL" was bear hug?