24 July 2009

I Need Your Help Everybody!

All right folks, I need your input here.

I invite everyone who's so inclined to post comments and tell me in succinct form every objection to homosexuality you have ever heard. Perspective and backstory don't matter. Whether the objection comes from an LDS view, a more general Christian view, a non-religious view, whatever. Bullet point brevity is preferable but if some elaboration is needed for clarity's sake, please feel free. No need for long lists, either. Post one or two objections you've heard, but read existing comments before you post, and save yourself the work if someone's already posted what you thought of.

Yes, there is a reason for this. But you'll just have to be patient before I tip my hand. Gay Mormon guys are good at that, though, right? Thanks everyone.


David Baker-@DB389 said...

* It is an abomination (countered by ancient Hebrew)
* Think of the Children
* Proclamation to the Family
* Ick factor
* Against nature
* "Tradition"
And my personal favorite:
* No child should be subject to the possibility of being raised by TWO Jewish Mothers.

Austin said...

God said it is wrong.
Past and modern day prophets have said it is not right.

Ned said...

*It will wipe out the human race.
*It means I'm weak, unmanly and a bad person.
*It's a psychological disorder.
*Some people can rise above this (but probably not you).
*You will get AIDS and die.
*You will pollute your fountains of life and never be able to father children.
*You will spread sexually-transmitted diseases.
*It is something to hide.
*Don't tell anyone.
*I will carry this secret to my grave.
*It's too important.
*Don't make it such a big deal.
*It's wrong, depraved and wicked.
*People won't be my friends if they find out.
*You would be better off dead than gay.
*Maybe I really would be better off dead.
*This is so bad that only God can fix you, but only if you're worthy enough to warrant it.

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Slippery Slope Objection: "If homosexuality is accepted, what will become normal next? Polygamy? Bestiality? Pedophilia?..."

Abelard Enigma said...

* being gay is a choice
* you don't see gay animals
* Leviticus says "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them."
* homosexuals want to be like women, put on dresses and stuff
* homosexuality goes hand in hand with pedophilia and bestiality
* all homosexuals are into drugs and promiscuity
* homosexuals are perverts who hang out in public restrooms waiting to molest young boys
* real men like women. If you like men then you are less of a man
* gay guys are all emotional and touchy feelie

That's all I have for now. But, my curiosity is piqued - don't keep us hanging too long.

Evan said...

The APA was pressured into removing homosexuality as a psychological disorder... there is no science behind why they removed it.

Public Loneliness said...

Don't forget the classic:

Adam and Eve, not Adam & Steve!!

*Gays had no male role models growing up
*Pray hard, work hard, go on a mission and it will go away
*Just get married and the feelings will go away once you have a sexual outlet
*It goes against the covenants you have made
*Stay celibate and you'll still make it to the celestial kingdom
*Sing a hymn!
*Masturbation leads to homosexuality.

OK that's all I can think of now.

TGD said...

* It is the ultimate selfishness.
* You can not know true love, or kinship.
* It's only about the sex.
* You can not reproduce.
* It's a "lifestyle" choice.
* You must recruit into your "lifestyle".

Marcus said...

*Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by homosexuality ( and so will we, gasp!)
* God let 911 happen because of gays, feminists and liberals
* hurricanes hit Florida, because Disney is gay friendly

Good to be Free said...

*It is a perversion or deviant sexual desire.
*It will "bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets."
*Related to the above, I heard someone say that it was the acceptance of homosexuals that caused hurricane Katrina.

Daniel said...

If gays are given the right to act on their desires, so will pedophiles and prostitutes.

Homosexuality is lustful and selfish.

Homosexuals will only raise confused children.