26 July 2009

No, Seriously, Steve Martin Really Is Mormon

And today's youth were generals in the war in heaven. And a mission conference set for the WTC on September 11th was cancelled at the last minute. And some General Authorities have declared the famous red-robed painting of the Savior by Del Parsons to be "the most accurate" yet. And this or that cutting-edge nutritional product will solve all your health problems, now just sign up and then agree to go recruit 10 more downlines and you too can be part of the pyramid (a.k.a. Ponzi scheme) that mirrors The True Order Of Heaven, at least here in Utah Valley.

Excuse me while I go hurl. Ever since I was a kid I have really hated this aspect of LDS culture, the ineradicable gullibility of far too many Mormons. I can't help but attribute it to the relentless "believe and obey and don't question" mantra that seems all too common throughout the church. Finally, today I found some relief. Not complete, but it's a start.

If any of you share my dismay at this aspect of Mormon life and need some catharsis, click here.


David Baker-@DB389 said...

So for the longest time I believed the story about the little girl who said that the red robed Christ was the truest photo of Christ. (I say photo because that makes it more accurate... LOL)
When I first read that it wasn't, that shook my faith more than coming out to myself... dead serious.

Evan said...

But how can we trust this website? I mean, yes, I can be gullible to Mormon humor, but whoever runs the site doesn't back up their answers.

Cool site nonetheless though.

Anonymous said...

my favorite was fromm around 1970 (i know, that's decades ago), when missionaries told me in complete seriousness that nixon was "taking the lessons."

(maybe that's what the 17 1/2 minutes were about)