06 July 2009

The Muse Strikes Again, But No Guarantee

One never knows when inspiration or idiocy will strike. Tonight it was probably much more of one than the other, you be the judge gentle reader. I ran across something I'd started to sketch out months ago at the height of the Prop 8 furor and suddenly the rest of the words came tumbling out of God knows what cranial catacomb. That means it's probably drivel, but light verse is fun sometimes. Forgive the subject, I am a slow learner as I said before and this is either way behind the curve or the first faint whisper of the next round now gearing up. Trivia points to anybody who correctly identifies all four people in the first line.

The Traditional Track Record

Joseph and Emma and Mary and Kate
Loved their traditional marital state
Faithfully followed the Bible's template
And for it, today they'd be ex'd.

Brigham said plural's the way to the top
He loved that tradition and just wouldn't stop
Today if you tried it the Church axe would drop
And you'd find yourself out on your ear.

Heber C Kimball, traditional dad,
Had sixty-five kids. Now, that record ain't bad.
But the time with their father each one of them had
Wouldn't fill up a single week-end.

Traditional marriage, one girl and one guy
Now it's orthodox teaching, the pie in the sky,
Nevermind that divorce will make half go bye-bye,
Bringing poverty, heartbreak and hurt.

But we must keep on preaching the orthodox path
Or our country will fall beneath God's awful wrath
'Cause we've figured it out and we've studied the math
And traditional marriage is doomed

If we let all those gay people in on it too
If we give them stability like me and you
in traditional marriages know to be true,
God forbid, they just might find success!

Then, traditional marriage, your horrible fate
Will be just like it's always been, early or late,
Not some monolith unchanging permanent state
Just the promise of two who found love.

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