11 July 2009

One Standard For Everyone Ripples Around The World

Proposition 8 revoking an existing legal right because of religious objections. Common Ground Initiative in Utah legislature smothered by local pols doing what they knew the Church wanted even though the Church was previously on record as supporting the Initiative's goals. Ongoing excommunications of people who don't want to leave. Church security picking a fight with two guys over an innocent peck on the cheek. Church pretending the two men were asked to observe the same standards of behavior as "everyone else". So no more newlywed kisses or hand-holding after Salt Lake Temple weddings, folks. That's "one standard of morality and behavior for everyone."

This news update brought to you by the church which asserts exclusive authority to preach Jesus Christ's gospel of love, charity, long-suffering and patience to everyone. Whose leaders "love [and] honor gays . . . as sons of God".

Within 24 hours there are already over 600 comments to the Salt Lake Trib story. And now apparently the story is hitting the news worldwide. I say good. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

In light of its growing consistent record, I have a suggestion for a new Church logo:

P.S. Today's priceless quote from a reader comment to an op ed piece elsewhere decrying the "judicial tyrrany" that "forced" gay marriage on the good people of Iowa:

"I guess I will never understand why the bubbas of the right wing . . . are so afraid of gay people. . . they are [so] congenial, intelligent, and understanding of so many things in business and society that their company is considerably better than the average low intel, drop out, uninformed bible thumping bubba, [and] there is not even a reasonable comparison of who has the higher moral values that are genuine."

And today's prize-winning quote from comments to the SL Trib article:

"Right after Judas kissed Jesus, Jesus was pounced upon by over zealous men. Good god, it's still happening."


Grant Haws said...


It made the Huffington Post.

Grant Haws said...

Perez Hilton too.

A.J. said...

If you are in Utah a Kiss in is being planned to protest. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705316309/Love-advocates-plan-kiss-in.html

D-Train said...

"Right after Judas kissed Jesus, Jesus was pounced upon by over zealous men. Good god, it's still happening." LOL.

Ezra said...

That post about Judas and Jesus is priceless.

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