27 October 2008

"Come Out" and Support Prop 8

Am I the only one who can barely restrain laughter as I hear my local ward and stake leadership repeatedly urging the members to "come out" and join this or that public demonstration or neighborhood walk or phone bank in support of Proposition 8? I mean, it's this exact phrase they're using. Over and over. Come out! Come out! It almost makes me wish someone would stand up in the middle of the meeting and say "Okay, okay! Guess what, everybody, I have something to tell you about myself! You asked for it, bishop, here it is!"

Oh well, I can dream, can't I?


Robert said...

Awesome. That's really awesome. I'm there laughing with you for sure. Keep laughing Alan. Later man.

Scott said...

I dare you!

(Just kidding, though I would be sorely tempted...)

It's amazing how often the phrase seems to crop up now that I'm out.

We had a family Halloween party yesterday. I went as a vampire of sorts, with black pants, a black t-shirt with a skull-and-crossbones across the front, a black velvet jacket, and eyeliner (and fangs, of course). My wife gasped when she saw me.

When we were talking a little bit later and she told me how sexy she thought I was I told her that I had gotten the idea that she felt that way by her reaction when I had come out of the closet...

Well, it seemed funny at the time.

Зеркало / The Mirror said...

If I was there with you I would do it! I bet that would be quite the shock! I would quickly pull out a camera to capture the reactions! J/K. It would be funny though.

Z i n j said...

even though its it funny...its not