04 October 2008

What, Again?

I must be nuts. I promised myself a day off yesterday but couldn't keep away from the gym and ended up running/walking 4 miles that time, then up at 6 a.m. today even though it's Saturday, and out the door by 8 a.m. for weekend errands. The kids are not quite old enough to be made to sit through General Conference and get anything out of it, so I don't try. I'll give them the "greatest hits" later in FHE, a much better use of time for them. So today I am actually tiring out my kids instead of the other way round. LOL.


Beck said...

Your devotion for fitness is motivational and I feel inspired to get out there and move!

As for watching conference with the kids... that is always a trick, especially as they turn into teenagers. If we get them to sit down and actually watch a talk per session, we're doing good!

Alan said...

Thanks Beck. I know myself well enough to have set up some accountability like betting with a friend as to who can reach fitness goals first, and to rely on a buddy who's a trainer to kick my butt regularly if I don't measure up. Like this morning. Ouch. My legs are so wobbly after sprints and weights that I can barely walk. But overall I'm in better shape than I've been for a long time. Physical bodies are divine gifts and since I only get one, I'd better take good care of it.

BTW, I've enjoyed reading your posts too. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Beck said...

I've been meagerly working with weights at home every other day, and even with my feeble efforts, I'm seeing the toning and benefits and it motivates me to keep going.

I wish I had a training buddy to push even further. Maybe if I can get over my body-image inferiority complex (it comes from adolescence being too skinny and weak compared to my piers)and get a training buddy, this could be fun.

Thanks for the encouragement.

bravone said...

We should start an online physical fitness group with our peers. We could chart our goals, encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

We would especially have to watch Beck. He has been known to cheat!