13 October 2008

Don't Pass It Up

It really is true that sometimes you have no idea what effect the smallest thing you do will have on someone else. That can be a scary thought, but it can also be a good thing, because it means sometimes you can have a real positive impact on someone else with virtually no effort.

Recently I was in a public setting where I had to give a presentation. Also present was a friend whom I care very deeply about. Due to circumstances we weren't able to talk afterward, but as he passed by, he put his hand on my shoulder, close to my neck, and gave a couple of gentle squeezes. He said nothing, but didn't need to. I got the message, and my heart glowed for days afterward. His gesture made the friendship even more meaningful than it was before.

Lesson: Never pass up the opportunity to do something good for someone else, especially if it's something small, quick, and inexpensive. You never know how much it might mean.


bravone said...

Thanks for the reminder. It goes right along with our FHE thought last night from Matt 25. "in as much as ye do it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Sometimes a simple smile or hello can uplift others. One of my goals is to be more aware of others and ways I help and lift them. The truth is when we show even simple acts of kindness, we are the ones blessed.

October Rising said...

this is true,

Beck said...

I love those neck squeezes with no need for verbal conversation!

Z i n j said...

very nice thought ...and reminder