23 October 2008

Lesson Learned, And Very Glad Too

Well it looks like a few of us in “the family” (like Bravone) are getting a jump-start on Thanksgiving, for the right reasons. Not piling the plates with turkey and mashed potatoes and high-fat everything else, but with the right attitude for the holiday. Sometimes life really sucks and when it does, it's always good to read about times when it doesn't, when it's positively wonderful. So I wanted to add my 2 cents' worth.

This morning I was up for a conference call at a time when only seminary teachers and early morning drive radio talk show hosts are even thinking about getting out of bed. I was sorely tempted to go back to bed after the call, and really wanted to, but I was wide awake by the time it ended. The physical me wanted to get all cranky at the intellectual me for becoming so alert while it was still pitch black outside and denying myself some sleep. But I'd had a day off from the gym yesterday so decided to tough it out, stay awake, be virtuous, and go for a workout instead of sleeping. I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

The cool thing about my gym is that one of the best beaches I've ever seen is just a 5 minute walk away. So I started the day with a run through the surf. Sky and water were a beautiful blue, sand grey and gold, air surprisingly warm, the air fresh and glowing with new sunlight, gulls circling high overhead, waves smooth as glass before cresting and washing over my feet. The exultant chorus of Beethoven's 9th Symphony on the I-pod as I ran barefoot through the cool water and soft sand of my own private paradise. OMG it was wonderful. One of those times where you want to just jump in the air and shout because it feels so good to be alive and the world is so amazing. I am so lucky in so many ways and so grateful for it all.

Memo to self: Next time you want to indulge your Inner Slug and crawl back into bed or be lazy or shrug off some kind of effort, recall this day and how you felt when body fought spirit and spirit won. Both ended up happier than you could have imagined. Remember this.


Z i n j said...

I am so jealous...surf sand sea gulls..OMG...all I have when I'm home is Rabbit Road, sagebrush, Cacti, snakes...but my mountain view is like magnificent. My little town of 7 or 8 hundred also has its own fitness center in the town hall..but thats for the Winter. I don't think one should sacrifice Turkey Day for lean fare. That would be like cruel and unusual punishment which is prohibited by the Constitution. I have an old Ranch habit. Getting up at 5 every morning. For me that is the best part of the day.

Z i n j said...

I meant to ask what DIGBY is?

Alan said...

Hey Zinj. Digsby is for live chat through the blog. You can download the gadget from their Web site. Google it and follow the instructions. I got the idea from Dichotomy's site, it works really well.

Bravone said...

Alan, Thanks for sharing your joyful moment. It brightened my day just imagining myself jogging with you, feeling the sand and jumping for joy. Sometimes I think we get a bit bogged down with the weight of our of the stresses of life and don't acknowledge the goodness around us. Uplifting posts like this bless us all.