25 October 2008

Run Report and Ripple Effect

Another fantastic run this morning along the beach you see just there to the left. The tide was way high, almost to the cliffs, so sometimes I was running through water almost a foot deep. So great! There are beautiful places everywhere in the world and many people love the mountains, deserts, forests, etc. the most, but for me it doesn't get much better than racing full-tilt through cool ocean water with fresh morning air and adrenalin pumping, with Beethoven blasting in my ears and keeping time with every step. Sometimes as I run I jump as high as I can into the air for the sheer thrill of it all. It's like being that guy in Chariots of Fire with your own soundtrack. I really don't mean to thumb my nose at everyone else who is far from a beach. It's just that mornings like this are so exhilarating that I had to share. Thank God for the times when life is so sweet, they help carry you through the times when it really sucks.

I recently posted here about how the smallest act of kindness can sometimes have a huge impact. Earlier this week a friend who read my post told me that it had inspired him to do something generous for a European family who visited his business while on holiday. They have become friends as a result, and who knows how his generosity will continue to ripple out across the pond as they remember what he did for them? So I had the pleasure this week of telling the friend who started this whole thing with his pat on my back that he had started a chain of gratuitous generosity that has now reached halfway round the world. How cool is that. God must cry sometimes to see what His children do to each other, but I am so lucky to have been part of something that I'm sure has made Him smile with approval. So everybody who reads this, resolve that today you will commit one small random act of unexpected kindness. You never know how many lives you might bless as a result.


Bravone said...

Alan, Thanks for the inspiring post. I was a bit down this morning, but have decided to hop on the bike and later accept your challenge to do "random act of kindness." What a blessing blog friends can be.

Robert said...

Love ya man. I'll do it.